Love (part II)

burn in me, fire, and cleanse my soul
rid my mind of winged desire and frivolous love
enveloping mysteries, once supple and sweet
now fall as bitter fuel for taciturn, bloodshot sorrow

immediately my passion conflagrates in pain
it sears my throat with faith-forged words unspoken
here I am, staring inside with somber, leaden breaths
mourning in vain unfounded feelings lost

ashes remain as wispy ghosts of lifeless love
my will is gone- lost in that fiery, dreamlike trance
I grasp for the edges of feeling, clawing at the night
filling my depleted self with hollow words and spent fantasies

my mind adrift since bitter feelings fell
now lost at sea without Undómiel


Love (part I)

to some the greatest sight shines from above
with wispy clouds and golden swift sunrise
but suns cannot eclipse the way I love
to gaze into your smiling, starry eyes

your stellar beauty stirs- then stalls- my speech
as songs of love lie stopped behind my face
I smile and wish and hope and stretch and reach
to feel complete in softly-worn embrace

your kindness lifts and holds my mind aloft
I long for such as inner beauty true
your words of calm and golden goodness soft
show streams of sun that lie awake in you

as day recedes and scurries into night
you shine in glory, bathed in holy light

new orleans

a swelling song that trims its wings toward night
is borne aloft by wispy, smoking plumes
that run like rain from red sun’s scorching light-
the sacred orb that evening’s shade entombs

the street-scene flips like sheets of aged books
with musty ways turned gold from lamp light’s glow
and sewer steam that clings to gutter nooks
will wreath the streets like sleazy, fleeting snow

it’s on this tide our swollen song will soar
that warming hymn of burnished, beaten brass
a tempered tune hard-cast by flighty whim
and tinged by tastes of broken, colored glass

this city dances, filled with roar and rhyme
suspended here above the march of time

keep it open, man

bourbon, neat

the day needs scrubbing out
but not from whiteboard-cleaning vodka

wait- scotch

two fingers, one malt
Islay a day keeps the doctor away

no- G&T

the lime should slake my thirst
the tonic, my malarial urges…

yes, give me obscure botanicals!

(from esoteric Victorian glass, please)

what? you’ve just got Gordon’s?

(and the check)

fade to grey

I am free in the night
when swirling winds caress
when the sounds that fill the space beyond
can fall like rain
on a land that thirsts so deeply

there is a dampness
that clings to my palms
and surrounds my skin
but its weight is welcomed
in hopes that the strongest hands
will wring the sky of its wealth

closed eyes will turn
(in my head)
the tiniest droplets
to silhouetted memories
of fresh kisses that fade to grey

it might be nice, some day-
to stand before the warming dawn
to feel its passion
and be won over
in stirring, primeval fashion

but for now I will pause-
floating without regret
in the quiet intoxication of the night
to bask in her stillness
and her pain

true enough

I don’t shed tears for wasted chances-
for unsaid words with fleeting glances
the dried-out husks of old romances…
with nothing left to give

I’ve never lost myself in space
or longed for some forgotten face
that lingers lightly as a trace
of light that draped the room

my feet have never steered me wrong
to land where my heart can’t belong
or danced to wistful, quiet song
that stirs the mind to silence

my dreams have never birthed regret
(that mind-born mound of unpaid debt)
or drowned my days in hope, and yet-
without the means to make it

my words have never caused you pain
or wrenched the sky to incite rain
(the sort that falls upon one’s brain-
a most unwelcome flood)

your voice has always calmed my soul
allayed my fears and made me whole
and never made me lose control
of life and how I feel it

your smiles have never told me lies-
they clued me in to realize
the dripping paint of soft goodbyes
had lingered far too long

the years gone by have barely passed
the space between us, hardly vast
for things like this are meant to last
and bring us more tomorrows


I catch the outline
of your shifting smile

for something

worth reflecting

the earth and sky
in your boundless eyes

I see you standing there


a spider’s web among the silence

yet unyielding

I feel the edge
of your well-lit face

hands: shaking

as if outstretched fingers
grazed the halo

of some far-off star